Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α2000 A2000 Camera Gimbal

Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α2000 A2000 Camera Gimbal
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Product Description

Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α2000 A2000 Camera Gimbal

Cameras SupportedCan on 5D Mark III (with standard lens), SONY A7RII / ILCE-7R / ILCE-5100, Pana sonic LUMIX GH4/GH5,
SONY NEX-5N/NEX-7 and other cameras of N-series,and other cameras with similar dimensions.
Payload : 250--2000g (Including the accessories of batteries, lens and ect.)
Battery18650*2, 2200mAh, 3.7V. (one positive side upward and the other negative side upward)
Battery could be charged from external power sources by Micro USB port (It is fully charged when the LED changes from solid red to solid blue), or charged by smart charger (LED in solid red indicates the battery is charging, LED in solid blue indicates battery is fully charged).
Usage Time In Theory
10 Hours (When camera is balanced well with gimbal)
Charging Time≥5 hours, recommending using smart charger for charging the battery, 5V/1A input.
Controllable Range
Tilt: 360°(Unlimited)
Roll: 360°(Unlimited)
panning: 360°(Unlimited)
InstallationCamera could be placed on the left or right side by moving tilt axis to the left or right. When moving the lens forward, we suggest placing the camera on the left side so that you can use interfaces for HD, shutter control, headphone, microphone and so on.

Balance Way
Moving quick plate back and forth to balance tilt axis in horizontal direction.
Sliding the arms of three axis to balance the center of gravity of camera, and then tighten the lock screws for three axis.
Power on/offPower on: Long press the function button until the indicator is in green and hear a beep, then release it.
Power off: Long press the function button until the indicator is in solid red and hear a beep, then release it.

Working mode and other operations
Function button operations
1 Single tap: Panning mode(Default mode), double tap trigger button to go back to panning mode, and gimbal reset to default position.
2 Double tap: Panning and tilting mode. Turning joystick left or right to control roll axis to move up and down (Roll:±30°), Pushing joystick up and down get no response. Entering panning mode by single-tapping in this mode.
3 Triple tap: gimbal can be rotated 180°in horizontal direction, working together with the function of manual lock, you can take a selfie or video from a special angle. double tap trigger button to go back to default position.
4 Quadruple tap: auto-rotation mode, perfectly fit for time-lapse. You can set the start and the end and the route of rotation by hand in this mode. When setting is done, gimbal will be automatically rotated following pre-set route in constant speed, which was set in App before. The gimbal will be back to default position after finishing the movements,or you can exit this mode by single-tapping function button (Check more details in manual).
5 Quintuple tap: initialize the gimbal in order to get correct attitude parameters when it is not level or in abnormal status.
Note:The LED is in solid blue after quintuple tapping function button. The gimbal automatically detect whether or not it is placed on a static flat surface. Initialization will be done automatical

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